Saturday, January 28, 2012

Benji Comes of Age

I haven't written since we had Benji move in with us. I really have been speechless. He is like living with an ANIMAL!  I know that is hard to believe, he is just so darn cute. I have been captured by this ball of fur and I no longer have a life of freedom. He consumes everything, I mean literally. Benji eats every thing that has the misfortune of falling on the floor. It might be a morsel of food, today's mail, a photo, a paycheck, Benji is not choosey. It enters his mouth and come out in slivers of what used to be. He is my constant companion as I sew, paint and create...he creates as well. I designed a beautiful angel with delicate wings...he ate the wing pattern. I wrote a story for one of my Simply Primitive offerings... Eaten....I feed him chewies, he eats my linen thread. I talk to him endlessly about manners and he eats my used tea bag. My Primitive offerings have a whole new look to them...aged by little teeth... and puppy mouth.  I seldom yell anymore...but I do laugh a lot. I did cry when he ate my hearing aid, I must admit, but he never heard me, he was off to a new adventure...chasing a kitty. I am glad to have this fur ball in my life, mess and all. I just have the feeling like I am living with an ANIMAL...and that surely can't be..can it?