Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Survivor

Wow, that was quite a game. I live in upstate NY and they all root for the Bills here. I was transplanted here about 8 years ago from Pittsburgh territory. One never leaves Pittsburgh or the Steelers ...once the black and gold is in your blood (this is done in the hospital just after you are born and just remains forever)...it is a part of your very existence. Black and gold blood sustains the body ...makes us STRONG !
Well, we were all gathered in the TV room (only one non Pittsburgh viewer) eating, drinking and enjoying the game. I used to have Steeler tickets...back in the Bradshaw era, so I spent endless hours in the cold watching them play. I am used to being scared to death that they will loose. However it has been years since I have been whiped into a frenzy. I lost the Steeler tickets in a divorce, so my last 20 years have been calm during games. I am 62 and I thought that I was above screaming, dancing, and yelling nasty words to another team...evidently not. I had a wonderful time, got up early the next day and played Steeler songs on the CD. Hubby went to work and played the Steeler Polka most of the day in the office. (This is very painful to a non-Pittsburgher) The Pennsylvania Polka was transformed into a Steeler song long ago and is sacred. Our Terrible Towel is in a place of glory here in the North. Most New Yorkers have no clue...must be their blood is red. Who knew ?

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