Monday, September 5, 2011

We Have A New Baby!

Let me introduce Benji. He is the newest addition to our family. His daddy is a Yorky and his mom is a Shitzu...what we have is a tiny ball of fur who was born on April 28th. We have had him for about a month and he has reminded me of the perils of Puppy Hood.... shredded paper, chewed shoes and puddles on the floor.   We do laugh...a lot!  Benji is thrilled to have a new mommy who has scraps of material, ribbon, fiber fill and baskets of wool and old quilts just lying around the house. He is into it all. I am sure, given time, he will add new Primitive markings to my designs. How to explain teeth marks on a Primitive doll?   He has made himself at home and has been begging for the 3 Siamese cats to be his friends.   Needless to say, they are not at all impressed or interested in any way...they are Siamese..if you please.
We are appreciative of the joy he has brought to our home and we look forward to years of love and laughter.   

ESTY Shop Opens!

The whole thrust of my Blog was to get me to the point that I no longer felt computer illiterate and could actually navigate the web. My ultimate goal was to open an ETSY Shop and I have actually accomplished go girl...I know that lots of you already do all of this and do not at all feel intimidated...alas...not ME. I must admit that once I over came the fear....doing the shop was quite simple, so the BIG BOGY MAN I envisioned, does not exist. I am thrilled to be a part of the ETSY world and have actually applied to a team (Gutsy for me...I hate that rejection stuff). I have been busy for a long time getting new things into my 5 shops where I sell in New York's Finger Lakes of the shops unfortunately closed....and I am down to 4. I love doing what I do and I love that people actually buy my work. Who'da thunk?
I also have joined a wonderful Artisans group called Rochester Artisans. They have taught me lots of stuff...and they have encouraged me to get involved. I am getting ready for an exhibit they are doing...more details later.
Being a part of something is good for the soul and working and listening to others of the same ilk is enlightening as well as soothing. We artsy folk are different in a very good way...thanks to all of you out there....I would love to know all of you....a wonderful group of CREATIVITY.   My ETSY is:  Please stop by and see what I have done so far.