Monday, September 5, 2011

ESTY Shop Opens!

The whole thrust of my Blog was to get me to the point that I no longer felt computer illiterate and could actually navigate the web. My ultimate goal was to open an ETSY Shop and I have actually accomplished go girl...I know that lots of you already do all of this and do not at all feel intimidated...alas...not ME. I must admit that once I over came the fear....doing the shop was quite simple, so the BIG BOGY MAN I envisioned, does not exist. I am thrilled to be a part of the ETSY world and have actually applied to a team (Gutsy for me...I hate that rejection stuff). I have been busy for a long time getting new things into my 5 shops where I sell in New York's Finger Lakes of the shops unfortunately closed....and I am down to 4. I love doing what I do and I love that people actually buy my work. Who'da thunk?
I also have joined a wonderful Artisans group called Rochester Artisans. They have taught me lots of stuff...and they have encouraged me to get involved. I am getting ready for an exhibit they are doing...more details later.
Being a part of something is good for the soul and working and listening to others of the same ilk is enlightening as well as soothing. We artsy folk are different in a very good way...thanks to all of you out there....I would love to know all of you....a wonderful group of CREATIVITY.   My ETSY is:  Please stop by and see what I have done so far.

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