Saturday, April 7, 2012

Angels Amoung Us....

Most people will admit to believing in angels. There are real life angles and we see these in the faces of those we love. There are also the Spiritual angels that we sometimes recognize after we have been touched by one...that uncanny feeling that something wonderful just happened...we just can't put our finger on it. I have been interested in angels since I was a small child, I was anything but an angel, but I believed they existed. I have created a series of what I call TOMB STONE angels....the Primitive version, of course. The first one is named Anne, which means "Gracious and Merciful." She is Welsh....She is a strawberry blond and has beautiful green eyes. I used a vintage quilt for her wings. The design is a portion of the wedding ring design from a vintage quilt piece. I used The Gentile Art wool thread....which I happen to love for all my Primitive soft and the colors are yummy. Her wing span is 14 inches and she sits 6 inches tall. She is my own original design. Anne is for sale for $30.00. If you'd like Anne to fly to your

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