Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Have Been in a Fog

I HAVE BEEN IN A FOG......I can't believe I have left this lovely blog project in the dark!

Let's turn on the lights...

So very much has happened in the past year....we moved...UGH....still not settled and life is different. My hubby is a cancer survivor and is battling the "left overs" of chemo. The platinum in the chemo destroyed his kidneys. During the last 10 years they have slowly stopped functioning....he is now a dialysis patient for the rest of his life. He is unable to under go a transplant because of the lack of integrity of his blood vessels (also due to chemo) we move on and thank the good Lord for machinery that keeps him alive and healthy. My world crumbled....he is so much better at this than I....he deals with it daily and plays the hand he has been dealt....I question everything...I let my creative world fall apart.... I was moody and easily irritated...I struggled daily wondering which way to go. My love is PRIMITIVE.. so that decision being made I begin to step forward...begin again...goal in sight...I have worked on dolls and have created a few of my own....but mostly relied on other designer's patterns.....thank you all... I have established a facebook page both personal and for Chancery Lane Primitives. I am selling on etsy and Simply Primitives. I have not been idle...just absent mentally and emotionally. I am a positive person and I am again indulging in my creativity. My praise is for my God who has sustained me and continues to bless us during these trying times. I plan to be a more active person in my cyber world and I ask for your prayers as I move forward one more time....Blessed Be.....

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