Friday, February 3, 2017

Moving on Alone

I have sadly neglected this blog. I have had 4 years of substantial growth in self as well as in business. My path is new and different and I am following it gingerly....making sure my footing is steady. My business has grown. I still do my Primitive Folk Art and I also do Metaphysical   Art in the form of Spirit Dolls and Dream Catchers. I find my life is totally Spirit led and God is at the center of all that I do. I have always been a seeker and my art has reflected my thoughts.

The last 4 years have been new territory for me. I am learning to be alone (Benji, Rosie and Willie, the cats) are still among the tribe I belong to!  The Spirit Dolls have led me on a journey of beauty...lace glitz and ribbons now surround me. The child inspired Primitive are still my primary focus and I still sell on ETSY under Chancery Laae Prims.

I am developing a new shop for the Metaphysical items, but it is still slow going on my part. It is my goal for 2017.  I have learned self love since my hubby passed. I study and follow new ideas that bring me comfort. I am alive and well and all the stronger for it. I hope to share more of the positive side of my new journey and I hope you choose to walk along my path for awhile.  Right now it is snowing and 16 degrees and I am pondering a cuppa of hazelnut chocolate. Stay warm and ........         Blessed Be.

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