Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Primitive Folk Art Dolls

I recall being bitten by the Primitive Bug about 10 years ago. I had just moved to Upstate NY from Pittsburgh, and was trying to learn my way around the area. Being a shoppe owner in PA, I began to frequent the small artsy shops in the area. We have a lot of talented people around here and the Festivals have no rival. One of my favorite books is The Velveteen know the one where the toy is so loved he looses his fur and eyes? (I am well loved...lost a lot of fur and have trifocals). I began seeing bears and old dolls and critters made in the "Prim Way"...that was it...hooked...I found my first Prim patterns on the web...Kentucky Primitives and I began sewing and never looked back. It was even hard to part with my creations...sometimes still is...OK...I have my favorites. The loved and worn look of the dolls and animals warms my heart and breaths into my soul. My work has evolved and I now have my tried and true style....fabrics, threads and such. My dolls are now recognised by collectors in the area and I have a sense of accomplishment. I have been including photos of past creations here on my blog. I will add new things on my web and etsy during April. I am also on Simply Primitives on the first of the month.   Today, after several feeble attempts to find the elusive kitty, I did start composing my shop policies for far so good...making progress

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