Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy April Fools Day

Well, it is snowing...yes winter is holding on in Upstate NY. I am tucked inside with a nice fire burning and finishing all the last details on my rabbits, eggs and dolls that are going out to the  three shops in which I sell. It takes hours to tag and price...I am a fanatic about tags...they are a part of the art on my creations...always adding to the appeal of my dolls and critters. My customers save the tags or leave them on the they are wonderful for doll collectors. I always mention special items added vintage buttons, linen thread, eyes...etc...just to let them know that the dolls have more than meets the eye amd are special. I have been following some really wonderful blogs and am awed by the talent that is out know..I am just a small drop in the ocean type thought...that will be in the past 'cause as I said...I am jumping in and I invited you to jump along....I know, I know..if your friend asked you to jump off of a bridge would you do it?  (Do you want to be a popular blogger or not? JUMP). My goal for April is to get the ETSY shop up and running. I am taking photos tomorrow when I get back from deliveries...the snow will be gone and some of the ice will be gone from the Finger Lakes...makes for a beautiful ride. Let's cheer for SNOW!!!!  (not)

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