Sunday, May 1, 2011

They Say You Can't Go Home Again

But you can..... I live in Rochester, NY and  I returned to Rochester, PA this week. I went to be with my friend, Suzanne...her sister, Gail died and I wanted to be there. I met Suzanne when I was 6. We had moved to Rochester from the Alleghney Mountains and I was a lost soul...being a country girl and all. Suzanne rode her bike by one day and we just hit it off...that was 58 years ago. Both of us have lived other places and have full lives...but we call ourselves our "Longest Friends" (oldest is not a good adjective at our ages)...Any I sat in church on Wednesday...I began a long journey down memory lane. Gail was 7 years older than us...she was the pretty blond high school girl I wanted to be. When Suzanne and I were in the Brownies, Gail and her new boy friend, Jake, came to Life Guard for us...I remember how "cute" he was...all of us little girls swooned. I remember when they married, had their boys, became grandparents and recently celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary. All of these memories came flooding back. These are the people that have formed the tapestry of my life. I have so many memories of Rochester and the days with Suzanne.... roller skating on skates that had a key, buying penny candy, camp fires, dolls and paper dolls, shared secrets, crushes on boys, dances every Saturday night during high school, friends during college, marriages, children and funerals. I also laughed at myself as I remembered riding my bike down Reno Street and screaming at the top of my lungs..."Suzanne, I just got my first trainer bra"...and as a true friend, she was happy for me. It is a privilege to know Suzanne and her wonderful family. Sometimes the worst of times bring out the best memories. I am back in Rochester,NY now...but my heart is warm with the memories of Rochester, PA...Thanks, Suzanne.

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