Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's Always a Little Girl Inside

It's been raining in Upstate NY...I do love rainy days and that was something that was taught to me by my mother. She made rainy days very special. In our dining room was a buffet and the bottom drawer held surprises galore. I was allowed to choose one item per rainy day and it was from this drawer my first book of paper dolls emerged. I was hooked...but too little to cut them we sat by the fire place and she cut and I began to fantasize. That was the beginning of my doll love affair. I must have been 3 or 4 years old and I am now 64...long time obsession with dolls and not a chance of it letting up or being if I would choose the cure!! I wish mothers introduced their daughters to this wonderful world...we loose so much of our imagination. I was an only child for 6 years..before the baby brother..and we lived in Cresson, PA. We were located in a valley between two 2000 ft high mountains (Allegheny Mts.)  The Main Line (Railroad)   moved through Cresson on it's journey to the famous Horseshoe Curve. We lived about 10 miles out of the town on a private lake near the town of  Loretto. My dad worked 3 jobs back was that of a coal miner...any how...It was 1950 and my mom stayed at home and did not drive a car...So she and I spent much time engaged in dolly make believe...I treasure those days. I had my own play room  filled with dolls and teddies...I recall red and white gingham curtains, a tin doll house filled with plastic furniture, a golden record player and oodles of little plastic golden records. We need to remember our roots and what makes us who we are today.. How I sang along to those golden record songs! ...Bibbity...Bobbity...Boo... I cherish the good ole days and appreciate how I have become who I am today....I still sing along as I create my dolls. It really is a GRAND rainy day !!!

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