Monday, April 11, 2011

Who Let the Cat Out? I nuts or what?  I was so pleased with myself that I actually uploaded an animated cat and he was soooo cute,,,those of you who saw him...for one fleeting minute...would agree...HOWEVER when I went to post today...he was gone. Now I ask you, why would a cat be so stupid to leave a warm blog home for the world of cyber space...who'da thunk it?  Well, there is really no use to whine...he is gone and I do not have the time to find him tonight. I am not happy, but am capable of making my own CAT....Here's one with my School Marm doll...Creative???  Well....someone has to go find the poor cat. He's probably cold, hungry, lost...LOL  this is obviously not a good idea...Here, Kitty, Kitty..

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